Hydrogel Butt Injections: Is it Safe and Legal?

Hydrogel Butt Injections: Is it Safe and Legal?


What’s the craze with bigger butts?

In simple terms big butts have always been the in thing. From Queen Bey to J-lo women with big derrieres have always been considered exotic in some ways. If your mama didn’t grant you that big booty don’t worry there’s a host of ways to achieve that perfect booty.

Methods such as butt injections help you avoid painful and intrusive surgical procedures. This procedure includes hydrogel butt injections and fat injection procedures. However, we are going to direct our focus on the hydrogel injection way of enhancing your butt.

What is hydrogel?

In this procedure your butt is injected with a solution constituted of 97.5% water and 2.5% polyacrylamide. A minimal incision is made on your bum, to insert a cannula. Once inserted it guarantees faster travelling of the hydrogel fat to the area intended. This procedure is similar to silicone injections to the butt area. As soon as you’re injected with the solution the surgeon will massage the bum to give it the desired shape. You’ll then be wrapped in garments and compression bandages once the surgeon’s done massaging the area. The bandages will come off after two days.

Another reason for the popularity of hydrogen buttock injection is the fact that there’s minimal recovery time. That’s not all; you’re also likely to receive minimal swelling compared to other procedures.

To cap it all off, hydrogel butt injection results can be visible after a short period; roughly two weeks. In a nutshell, this procedure is scar-free, swelling free and has instant results. However, there’s more to the story.

How safe is the procedure?

For starters, acrylamide is used to the make the polyacrylamide. Acrylamide as a chemical is used as a soft tissue filler. It plumps up the butt giving it a fuller and shapely look. On the flip side, looks can be deceiving since acrylamide is considered a carcinogenic product by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In layman terms, it means this product has a high likelihood of causing cancer.

Apart from the constituent products being carcinogenic the manufacturing process for the product is unregulated. On top of that, the product hasn’t undergone enough stability tests to ensure safety for the consumer.

While the injection is constituted of water and Polyacrylamide, it isn’t uncommon to find the chemical de-polymerizing releasing the harmful neurotoxin into your precious body. A quick search on the internet and you’ll find various vendors selling these hydrogel buttock injections kits for home use. In addition to that, the process is made more complicated should you opt for a home-kit. This is because you won’t be well versed on how to inject the solution properly into the body.

It’s no wonder the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is constantly doing crackdowns on these home kits. Then there’s the price with each injection going for $300 – $500 a pop. Keep in mind you’ll need several injections to obtain favorable results.

Is Hydrogel Butt Injection procedure legal?

If you happen to reside in America the answer’s a resounding “NO”. The FDA has banned the use of buttock enhancement injections. No surgeon or doctor in the country will touch you if you’re wondering where to get hydrogel buttock injections. In the event you find someone that’s willing to inject a hydrogel solution to boost your butt, chances are high they’re unqualified. This means they’re either a quack or a clinician fumbling their way around your body.

There’s also a higher possibility of you having to go to third-world countries to receive the injections. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that their medical standards are probably laxer thereby increasing the risk to your body.

hydrogel butt injection

Should you choose to be injected with the solution by a quack doctor you should be prepared to experience these conditions; pulmonary embolism, kidney failure and high rates of infections. Worse still, you could die due to complications arising from the procedure.

There are various forms of hydrogels available in the market apart from polyacrylamide. Some of the others include Restylane, Radiesse and Juverderm. Not all hydrogels are banned by the FDA. Some of the above mentioned hydrogels are commonly used by surgeons to correct thin lips and facial aging. All these have undergone proper FDA testing so as to ascertain they are fit for human use.

Hydrogel butt injections before and after

Once you have the hydrogel butt injections you’ll be in bandages for around two days. After which they’ll be removed and a determination made as to whether to do more injections. If you feel satisfied you should start seeing results after two weeks.

hydrogel butt injections before and after

What makes Hydrogel butt injection procedure popular?

This is down to how fast you’ll be able to see results and the minimal swelling on the butt area. You can expect an increase in the following areas; upper buttock, outer thighs. Hip expansion, lower buttock and middle buttock. Your butt will be fuller and sexier. In addition to that, you should expect a better shape of the shins, thighs and gluteal areas. Simply put, you’ll have a higher reaction to the injections compared to similar methods.

On the other hand, you should be prepared to have another procedure in another 12-18 months. Why? The polyacrylamide de-polymerizes releasing the acrylamide into the body. De-polymerization works to reduce the effects of the hydrogel butt injections. It will leave you with a disfigured butt ensuring you’ll be back in the snares of the unqualified and lousy doctor/ surgeon. To put it bluntly, hydrogel injections are a temporary solution at best. At worst hydrogel injections are something you should shudder at once they’re mentioned.

That’s not the worst part about hydrogel butt injections. This dubious title is left to the fact that this polymer has an 85% failure chance. What this means is in a group of 10 only 2 of you are likely to achieve your desired results. Compared to similar methods this is an astonishing low rate of success.

If that’s not enough to dissuade you from taking the nuclear option here’s one horror story. One woman decided to take butt injections and ended up having four limbs amputated as a result of complicationsfrom the procedure. She currently relies on artificial limbs and she should serve as a cautionary tale for you and your friends. Frankly put, hydrogel injections is one of the worst forms of torture your body can receive as a way to enhance it.

What are the alternatives to Hydrogel butt injections?

Instead of wondering where can I get butt injections think of alternatives to this dangerous method. There are several methods and procedures available to you that are less dangerous and approved by the relevant authorities.

1. Brazilian Butt Lift

There’s the Brazilian butt lift which is taking this industry by storm. This is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of fat tissues from other areas of your body. The procedure is called liposuction. Once the fatty tissues have been removed from other areas, they’re filtered and inserted into the butt. Common areas the fatty tissues are removed include the hips and thighs. Since the tissues are from your own body there’s no chance of complications or rejection of the tissue by the body.

brazilian butt lift

2. Butt Enhancement Creams

Another popular method is using butt creams. The cream is applied twice a day preferable after you’ve showered. It will act to increase your own body’s fat cells compared to injecting silicones under the skin. Whichever results you achieve from this results will be permanent as opposed to the temporary ones for hydrogel butt injections. You’ll also receive a firmer and healthy looking skin as a result of the cream.

3. Butt Enhancement Pills

Another alternative to consider is butt pills. They work the same way as creams do. To achieve maximum results you’ll be required to take the pills at least twice a day. Pills work to boost your body’s estrogen levels. As a consequence, you’ll have better retention of fat in the hip and butt areas. Achieving that curvier and rounder butt will have been done without the discomfort and pain of needles and surgical knives.

4. Silicone Implant

Should you not fancy any of these methods there’s the age old silicone implant technique. Here the surgeon makes a small incision on the butt area allowing for a silicone implant to be inserted. The size of the implant has to be decided on before it’s inserted. This is important since it isn’t uncommon in this industry to find women that bite more than they can chew. Silicone implants are wildly popular since they can last for ages. Once inserted, expect the butt to maintain its shape for the rest of the period you’ll have it.

silicone butt implant


All in all hydrogel butt injections have been proved to be not only dangerous but fatal. In addition to which, they are pretty expensive compared to competing methods. Another factor to consider is the fact that plastic surgeons and doctors are strictly prohibited from using them.

You’ll be left at the mercy of unscrupulous and unqualified backstreet “doctors”. To avoid all these complications and disadvantages it is best to steer clear of hydrogel butt injections until they’re proven safe.

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